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March 19, 2009


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Michael Russell

I love THiS-TV. It's programmed like it's perpetually Sunday afternoon, if that makes any sense.

The One True b!X

THIS TV actually launched last July.



Whoah, now hold on. I saw Malone too. Malone is pretty groovy. As "Vern" wrote in his review, DVD can't hold Malone!

It's a good little 80s action flick rewritten by Rudy Wurlitzer, of all people, who I think can accurately be called it's auteur; it's got dialouge that ranks with his best ("What's your name?" "Malone." "Got a first name?" "Yeah.")an episodic narrative, minimalist feel, most of Wurlitzer's motifs (cars, drifters, outlaws, rural America, sudden outbursts of violence, modern corporate imperialism). Not quite "Walker", but not bad.

The station also showed the wonderful Aidan Quinn film "Crusoe", which should really be on DVD too.

Douglas Holm

Boy you sure have to be careful with Burt Reynolds. When I did a first version of this note for Mobius, Robert Richardson wrote in to defend Malone, noting that though it was shot in Canada, it wasn't really a Canadian film, and observing that there was a musical short on YouTube dedicated to the movie. He also advocated an all-Burt Reynolds channel. I wrote in response, "Thanks for the tip on the MALONE video, I'l look that up. And thanks for the clarification on the genesis of MALONE ... What I meant to convey was that there is something undefinable yet tangible about films of the time that are shot in a Canada meant to pass as America. And an all Burt Reynolds channel would be welcome. Perhaps it is something YouTube can provide when it finally takes over all media. One can flip from the Vatican channel to the Reynolds channel on the way to the Steven Seagal channel, run by Vern."

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