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October 06, 2011


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Since I don't pretend to be a professional reviewer, I can dispense with qualifications and fake objectivisim. Person of Interest is the best TV show I've seen in decades, particularly compared to 'reality' shows. This show has a creative brain and it cuts through so much of the silly attempts to be hip or cool or relevant. It's a cross between Ian Fleming's exciting novels of 50 years ago, and and the REAL Batman (not the movie or tv versions - but the version I saw in Saturday matinee cliff hangers in the late 1950s). That Batman was a two-fisted, strong, tough SOB that would just as soon break your neck with his bare hands, as look at you. He had an ax to grind both with criminals and the authorities who couldn't bust them. Where law enforcement could not get out of their own way, Batman could and did. He could take a punch as well as dish it out. And that is the direct connection to Mr. Reese in this TV series. Only Reese doesn't have to conceal his identity with a mask. He does it in a smart, sophisticated way, often by striking when least expected, and taking no prisoners. He needs no accolades. They would make his job harder. Finch is the brains and creative, resourceful problem solver, and man can he be mighty quick and cool-headed, in spite of physical handicaps. He also is a bottomless pit of money, which helps. Reese is the brawn, but he's equally smart and daring as Finch. He also reminds me of the smart samurai in Kurosawa's Yojimbo. By contrast, most of the bad guys are of the black-hearted strain, and you love to see them go down in flames. It's also gratifying to see cops portrayed as corrupt, or, sometimes just self-serving. Few TV series have taken such a tell-it-like-it-is approach to cops and law enforcement agencies, and I find it a breath of fresh air. This show is also a sparkling example of hero and sidekick story treatment, that goes back to Batman and Robin, Cisco and Pancho, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza -- a time honored literary form that works, century after century. It also has strains of innocent good guys hounded by heartless cops, such as in the David Janssen tv series and Harrison Ford versions of The Fugitive. Or Jean Valjean in Les Miserables. Viewers are aching for these underdogs to prevail over crooks and misguided cops, and to SAVE PEOPLE. And they ask for no pay, no reward, except the satisfaction of beating down crooks and malcontents that are screwing up our society. Best crime show on TV. Bravo Person of Interest!


I agree....I've seen three seasons and look forward to new episodes. Just exciting to watch.

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